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Tuntutan Masyarakat Adat Naulu Atas RUU Masyarakat Adat

Tuntutan Atas RUU Masyarakat Adat

Meretas Jalan Organisasi Perempuan Adat

Our Programs

Periode: 2015 - 2020

1. Strengthen identity, self-confidence, pride and dignity of indigenous women.

2. Defend and fight for the recognition and respect of indigenous women, the protection and fulfillment of the rights of indigenous women, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against indigenous women.

3. Ensure the recognition of indigenous women's knowledge and skills in the management of natural resources and other resources, as well as spiritual values ​​and culture.

4. Ensure the future generations continue the knowledge and skills of indigenous women.

5. Ensure equality and gender justice in the family, the community, AMAN, others wing organizations and autonomous bodies, as well as the State.

6. Build, develop and strengthen the cadre and leaders of indigenous women.

7. Ensure Gender Perspective on all level of the regulation to fulfillment of indigenous women's rights.

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National Secretariat of Perempuan Aman
Jalan Sempur Kaler No. 111,
(Paviliun/Pav), Bogor,
West Java 16129 Indonesia
Telphone : +62 8119202062
website: www.perempuan.aman.or.id
Email : perempuanaman@aman.or.id
twitter: @perempuanaman
facebook: PEREMPUAN AMAN (fanspages)
instagram: @perempuan_aman

AMAN House
Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No 11 A
South Jakarta,
Indonesia 12820
Telephone: +62 21 829 7954



You can help PEREMPUAN AMAN by donating various services or other products, such as:

Provision of professional services, such as legal aid, audit personnel, marketing, public relations, financial resources and consulting services, IT support, systems development, creative design, printing and more.

Donations of office equipment and equipment, such as stationery, computers, monitors, telephones, and all for office-related equipment.

Help needed medical and non-medical equipment. Cheap plane tickets so our staff can join international conferences and meetings.

Space for free service ads, such as in magazines, newspapers, websites or outdoor advertising space.

Provision of venues for events such as conference or meeting rooms, promotional and exhibition halls.