Association of Indigenous Women of The Archipelago (PEREMPUAN AMAN) is a wing of Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) declared on April 16th 2012 in Tobelo, North Maluku. This organization was established based on the experience of indigenous women need a place to learn and consolidate themselves to be able to voice their own interests. In that context, PEREMPUAN AMAN was established to be able to facilitate indigenous women organized themselves, their knowledge and their rights. This organization consists of individuals of indigenous women from AMAN’s community members.

PEREMPUAN AMAN’s Vision and Strategical Issues

Indigenous Women are dignified over themselves, their life and their management area
is in order to actualize Indigenous prosperity, sovereignty and dignity.


01. Capacity Building

Capacity Building of indigenous women in various aspects such as politics, law, economics, and ecology in the domestic sphere, the public and the State.


Document the knowledge and experience of indigenous women


Policy advocacy for the rights of indigenous women.

04. Identity

Build and strengthen awareness of identity as women and indigenous women.