Our Programs

Periode: 2015 – 2020

  1. Strengthen identity, self-confidence, pride and dignity of indigenous women.
  2. Defend and fight for the recognition and respect of indigenous women, the protection and fulfillment of the rights of indigenous women, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against indigenous women.
  3. Ensure the recognition of indigenous women’s knowledge and skills in the management of natural resources and other resources, as well as spiritual values ​​and culture.
  4. Ensure the future generations continue the knowledge and skills of indigenous women.
  5. Ensure equality and gender justice in the family, the community, AMAN, others wing organizations and autonomous bodies, as well as the State.
  6. Build, develop and strengthen the cadre and leaders of indigenous women.
  7. Ensure Gender Perspective on all level of the regulation to fulfillment of indigenous women’s rights.