Nasional Work Plan PEREMPUAN AMAN’s participants in the discuss bylaws.

Monday, 04/12/2017 One agenda from PEREMPUAN AMAN’s 3rd National Work Plan (RAKERNAS III) is to discuss the bylaws (Anggaran Rumah Tangga). In the trial process of the 3rd National Work Plan, bylaws are one of the crucial discussions as it covers almost all organizational aspects that have not been regulated in PEREMPUAN AMAN’s Statute.

The discussions were conducive. Participants who are representatives of their organized region debated and raised points or considerations of importance in the bylaws legislation process.

One of the most contentious points in this bylaws is the chapter that discusses gatherings and meetings. There are several chapters describing the Community Membership Meeting. Some participants suggested that some of the articles could be made into one and better added as verses for explanations. Some of the other participants argued and wanted it as a different article.

After a year of discussions, finally the PEREMPUAN AMAN’s bylaws for the 2015-2020 period were passed. [Mae]

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