The Eighth Awakening Day of The Indigenous Women of the Archipelago: While in Pandemic, Indigenous Women Remain Unstoppable

Today marks the eighth anniversary of PEREMPUAN AMAN, after the signed declaration on April 16, 2012, in Tobelo, North Halmahera. The historical moment was -then celebrated as The Awakening Day of The Indigenous Women of the Archipelago. The day is recognized as a historical step as Indigenous Women all over the Archipelago blend themselves into one big goal to strengthen the bond; “FORMING THE SOVEREIGNTY, AUTONOMY, AND DIGNITY OF THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES THAT ARE EQUAL, JUST, AND SUSTAINABLE”.

PEREMPUAN AMAN is a fundamental place for Indigenous Women to achieve autonomy in the togetherness. The injustice that injures them because of their identities, marginalized in every decision-making process, and not to mention the lack of acknowledgment of their knowledge. They are marginalized as citizens, in which it implicates to them being vulnerable being trafficked to be sent abroad as foreign laborers, vulnerable from the spread of HIV/AIDs, and are practically alienated from safe reproduction. Other serious issues are the high level of discrimination and violence in domestic, public, and governmental levels.

The vision of PEREMPUAN is so that the Indigenous Women could have sovereignty over themselves, their lives, and their living territories to create sovereign Indigenous society that is dignified and independent. Entering their eighth year, PEREMPUAN AMAN has been a place for all the Indigenous Women all over the Archipelago to study and to consolidate themselves so they, too, could voice out and take control over their situation so then justice and equality could be achieved. One of PEREMPUAN AMAN’s noble missions is to ensure the existence of a legal policy that takes sides to the interests of the Indigenous Women and to fulfill their rights. Indigenous Women will never stop battling to earn their well-deserved acknowledgment, protection, and fulfillment over their collective rights that are pronounced in the Draft Bills of the Indigenous Peoples. Hence, PEREMPUAN AMAN is staying and guarding both the Draft Bills and the fulfillment of those collective rights.

In every situation, Indigenous Women are proven to be capable of sovereignty over themselves, also to their lives and their living territories. The acknowledgment of Indigenous Peoples is a mandate from the constitution, hence, Indigenous Women should play an active role as the doers. While The Eighth Awakening Day of The Indigenous Women of the Archipelago occurs during the pandemic, Indigenous Women never stop. Together, we will walk and strive for our rights and for the protection of the collective rights of the Indigenous Women!

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